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After working for other HVAC and refrigeration companies, Steve Paxton started CP Mechanical Services, Inc. in December of 1999. He graduated from the HVAC and refrigeration program at Denver Institute of Technology in March of 1992, earning an Outstanding Leadership award during his time there. He has worked hard to continue developing his troubleshooting and mechanical skills from then until now. Prior to entering the HVAC field, Steve served in the United States Marine Corps, stationed at 29 Palms in California as an infantry assault rifleman and expert marksman. He has spent time as a volunteer Fireman in the local community and teaching refrigeration classes at a vocational school. He brings 20 years of experience in the refrigeration and HVAC fields to the company.

Cheryl Paxton – has been with CP Mechanical Services, Inc. since its inception. In fact, the company initials, “CP”, are her initials! She brings a feminine touch and pleasant, polite voice to what is mainly considered a man’s field. She spent many years in customer service positions prior to embarking on this adventure. She is the one who answers the phone at all hours. Cheryl is Steve’s wife and mother of their 6 children.

No business is complete without a mascot. Our company mascot is “Harold”. Harold is a big, white, lion-like Great Pyrenees. He is named after his owner, our second son, Evan Harold. He is always there to greet the Fed Ex or UPS drivers when they deliver parts to the shop. Be careful to close your truck door when you come by to see us as he loves water bottles and coffee mugs…he will sneak away with them any chance he can get!

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Family Owned

Cheryl and Steve Paxton
Family Owned & Operated


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21218 County Rd 21
Fort Morgan, CO 80701
Phone: 303-536-0200


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